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STULZ is a company recognised as a specialized manufacturer in precision air conditioning and humidification equipments for critical applications where a very high level of quality and reliability is essential; These include Computer Rooms, Data Centres, Co-location Facilities, Telecommunications, Museums, Hospitals, etc.


STULZ-CHSPL (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. offers an experienced and dedicated team to manage the sales, technical support, distribution, installation, commissioning and after sales support of Stulz precision air conditioning equipment. This includes a 24 hour, 365 day emergency call-out service manned by our own team of trained engineers.


STULZ-CHSPL (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. has the largest dedicated precision manufacturing facility in Navi Mumbai and another production facility at Daman, the company has branch offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & Kolkata

STULZ-CHSPL (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd is a proven technology leader in the Indian market and to its credit has been the first company in India to introduce Dual Fluid units; Units with Electronically commutated motors; Units suitable for R134a applications; Locally manufactured units with Plug Fans and variable frequency drives. High density cooling solutions.




Established in 1996 COMFORT HVAC SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd. was a long time exclusive sales and service partner before STULZ - Gmbh participated in April 2006. The renamed STULZ-CHSPL (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. continued the business as exclusive distributor in India for the range of precision air conditioning and chillers manufactured by STULZ in Germany, Italy and United States. Additionally STULZ-CHSPL designs and manufactures a specialised edition of precision air conditioning units for the Indian market in consultation with Research and Development of STULZ Headquarters.

STULZ-CHSPL (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. has executed 80,000 Tons of precision air-conditioning projects in India for several Fortune 500 customers and top Indian corporates.



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